Intelligence Driven Operations & Intelligence Collection

The screening of company personnel, before they are employed, is imperative. The company can apply their policy on the outcome of the screening – This also forms part of the intelligence picture.

By improving transparency and disclosure, informed decisions can be made regarding one of the most important assets of an organization, its employees. Recent surveys have revealed an increase in CV/Resume fraud.

Employers or their agents need to protect themselves against financial loss and expensive legal action incurred through employing people with questionable integrity, credibility and skills.

We have at our disposal user-friendly software solutions and analysis service specifically developed for corporate business intelligence requirements that serves as a single secure intelligence portal for your organisation.

Intelligence Analysis

We specifically quantify our client’s unique risk profile, and include this information in our intelligence collection process. All collected information is verified, dissected and transposed into relevant and usable intelligence snippets. These are distributed to appropriately qualified personnel, relevant stakeholders such as SAPS or EMS, and the client.

Historical Reporting

Our software and scenario database (compiled from disciplined reporting) enables us to provide on-demand historical reporting to our clients, regarding risks or events that took place over a specified period for a specified category or industry. These reports assist us and the client in achieving improved strategies, responses and efficiencies over time.

Map / Geographical Analysis

Our software is GIS-enabled and integrated with Google Maps to generate visual intelligence maps to better evaluate high risk areas. Where available, we plot business sites and locations to provide a strategic overview and to facilitate better security strategies.


Our software infrastructure provides central risk information and task distribution, which is chronologically stored in a secure database for easy access and insight.


Our software infrastructure enables us to safely store thematic information of various types, including information on organisations or individuals. The information is structured for easy access and allows us to build detailed intelligence profiles.

Intelligence in action:

Agent network

Handlers, Sources and Informants

Public and Covert Sources


Security Risk &

Threat Assessments

First we identify and analyse potential threats that a facility may face, by conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA). The SVA is a systematic process that evaluates the likelihood that a threat against a facility could succeed, and considers the potential consequences to the facility, its personnel and the surrounding community with a view towards mitigating these impacts.

The SVA process is team-based and draws on the diverse skills and knowledge of various participants to provide a complete security analysis of the facility and its operations. The SVA team includes individuals with specialist knowledge in a variety of relevant disciplines.

The objectives of the SVA are to:

  • Identify security hazards, threats, and vulnerabilities

  • Identify conditions that may amplify identified threats

  • Evaluate the available countermeasures to ensure optimum protection of assets, people, reputation and the environment, within legal parameters

  • Form and implement strategies that effectively mitigate threats

  • Ensure that proposed solutions are insurance-compliant

    A comprehensive SVA is a valuable tool for rapid and effective tactical decisions, where considered countermeasures are ready and on hand. The SVA aids responsiveness and ensures a consistent client focus.

High Value Assets in Transit Escort Teams

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is capable of rapidly deploying overt or covert teams composed of specialists that are matched to the brief. Operations may include: situation de-escalation or diffusion, safe exfiltration of an asset, high value intelligence gathering and/or forward observation.

HVAT Escort operations are fully supported by the SYNCRO DYNAMICS Command and Control Centre, which provides additional crime intelligence and other data while closely synchronising activities for maximum effect.

Our teams are:

• Proactive
• Well-trained and dedicated specialists
• Aware of criminal strategies and threats
• Experienced at escorting high value assets
• Verified through extensive background, criminal, motor vehicle and financial (credit) checks
• Mostly composed of members with police or military backgrounds

Note: We do not subcontract any of the transportation of your assets.

Firearm & Security Training

Syncro Dynamics is an accredited service provider at the South African Professional Firearm Trainers counsel & SAPS.

Potential firearm owners must successfully undergo the prescribed training at an accredited training institution and obtain a training proficiency certificate. Beyond this minimum, armed security personnel also undergo training to wield a firearm for business purposes, in the particular firearm they wield under Section 21 of the Firearms Control Act. Furthermore they are subject to regular refresher training.

We offer the following firearms courses:


  • Legal test – Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000 applicable to possession of a firearm
  • Handling & use of a handgun
  • Handling and use of a handgun for business purposes
  • Handling and use of a shotgun
  • Handling and use of a shotgun for business purposes
  • Handling and use a manually operated rifle or carbine
  • Handling and use a manually operated rifle or carbine for business purposes
  • Handling and use of a self-loading rifle or carbine
  • Handling and use of a self-loading rifle or carbine for business purposes
  • Regulation 21 Compliance Testing
  • Renewal of Business Purposes Competency Certificate

Customised Courses

We also provide (non-accredited) customised weapons-handling courses to suit your budget and requirements.
We teach realistic skills and simulate probable scenarios that allow the shooter to develop and maintain real defensive shooting skills.


We conduct our own in-house training
Pre-course and fitness selection
Access and use of tactical shooting range, combat ranges and house clearance ranges
Advanced ambush techniques
Anti-poaching training

Command and Control Centre
Surveillance & Security Control Room Function

An effective command and control infrastructure allows us to accurately assess any situations for better decisions and direct and effective actions.

The sole purpose and defining criterion of a centralised command and control system is successful mission accomplishment. In operation, it contributes to efficiencies through the effective deployment of present and future resources, while providing support for various specialist actors. An effective command and control system extends the capabilities of a team by synchronising actions. Intelligence functions, operational responses, surveillance and reporting become facets of a unified operation with desired results.

The command and control system manages operational data, producing and disseminating a Common Operating Picture (COP) to managers, planning staff and sub-ordinates in a comprehensive Situational Awareness Picture. Designated officials may also organise resources based on a variety of qualifiers.

As the name implies, the command and control system directs the operation by transmitting orders, instructions and other executables.

The benefits of an effective command and control system are:

  • The communication of clear purpose and direction to integrated operations.

  • The integration and synchronisation of actions across a field of actors

  • The unification of separate activities to achieve coordinated operational effect

  • The clear determination of response effectiveness

  • The considered allocation of resources

    Criminal Background Screening


    We screen individuals, companies and organisations for the purposes of employment, services or contractual obligations.


    We ensure transparency and due disclosure which enable informed decisions regarding the most important assets within an organisation – its employees. We discover and eliminate fraudulent misrepresentation, whether biographical or otherwise.


    We protect employers (or their agents) against losses, damage to reputation or expensive legal action resulting from employing individuals, service providers and organisations with questionable integrity, credibility and skills.


    We verify a wide range of personal information, including the identity of candidates, information held by credit bureaus, criminal records, driver’s licenses, global academic qualifications and professional association memberships.

    Software and Database

    Currently utilised by more than 1000 companies and recruitment agencies, our software systems and databases also serve as a valuable individual due diligence and audit tool.

    Information Type and Depth

    Clients determine which information they require for verification, and the level of verification required for each individual, dependent on position or seniority.

    Verification Report

    Upon verification, the client receives a comprehensive verification report of the individual.
    Note: SYNCRO DYNAMICS uses a POPI Act compliant protocol, ensuring appropriate levels of confidentiality.

    Response Teams

    SYNCRO DYNAMICS uses dedicated, equipped and highly mobile response teams to gather key information during different phases of operation and to act on directives. When required, the team takes overt or covert actions to prevent criminal activities or arrest intruders on client properties.

    Our teams respond to alarm activations, conducts building site raids or other rapid operational tasks, ultimately leading to crime reduction in the public space. Our dedicated tactical teams proactively patrol our areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does this prevent crime, but their familiarity with the streets of your suburb means quicker response times.

    The collection, collation, analysis and distribution of information and intelligence is critical to the success of any security operation. All information and incidents are reported to the Syncro Dynamics Central Incident Command & Control Centre.

    Integrated Pro Active Security

    SYNCRO DYNAMICS does not wait for crime to happen, but takes a pro-active role in combatting criminal exploitation in its areas of operation:

    • Our personnel engage with the residents and workers of their sites to establish a trusted channel of community reporting.

    • We attend local Community Policing Forum meetings to obtain alerts and intelligence and also to provide key insights.

    • We coordinate with other localised security providers, in order to be ready to assist or obtain assistance if suspected perpetrators move into or out of our mandated jurisdiction.

    • Our dedicated force of tactical officers goes above and beyond the call of duty. All members have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a military, police or active security background and undergo rigorous fitness and shooting tests. They are also subjected to polygraph testing and other forms of vetting to ensure the highest degree of integrity.

    Tactical Debriefing

    Tactical Officers also act as Debriefing Officers, that are trained to sensitively obtain information from witnesses in every contact crime or attempted contact crime scenario, while the information is fresh and unabridged. An investigator is dispatched immediately to the scene after an incident has taken place to interview the victims in order to gather as much information as possible to facilitate closure.

    The Tactical Debriefing collects information from before, during and after the event to obtain a clearer picture on high adrenalin events. It serves also to identify trends or patterns in criminal activity to effectively boost defences.

      Investigation Services

      Our investigations team is committed to the highest quality service and this is achieved by integrating innovative ideas with highly skilled and dedicated personnel. SYNCRO DYNAMICS conducts its investigations (and all other activities) professionally and discreetly with respect for our client’s privacy. Our activities are only discussed with our clients and other relevant stakeholders such as the South African Police Service, prosecuting authorities or EMS. Our team is recognised as a leading professional private investigation agency that provides solutions to corporates, private individuals and government departments, using modern crime investigation techniques and technological forensic methods.

      Court Representation

      SYNCRO DYNAMICS’ personnel are capable of accurately representing events, observations and other applicable evidence in a court of law, in order to assist the client or SAPS to obtain a just verdict.
      • We are ready to assist our client with any serious and violent crime investigation, working with the SAPS to assist in technical aspects of the investigation.
      • We have built a solid relationship with SAPS detectives and specialised units within the service, assisting the detectives in their investigation workload and enabling faster prosecution times.
      • We also directly investigate serious and violent criminal cases and supply the investigation officer(s) from SAPS with new and relevant information and evidence for the dossier. Our findings are reported in a format that assists the office of the senior state advocate to rapidly assess the information, and broaden the scope of investigations where applicable.

      We leverage our established trust relationships to ensure that our clients receive first-class service from SAPS, and that their criminal case receives the necessary attention. We also duplicate the SAPS dossier for the propagation of our own investigations.


      We follow a set of physical investigative procedures that may include:

      • The collection and examination of various sources of evidence.
      • A determination on how and why the economic crime was committed.
      • Quantification of the actual and potential losses.
      • Identification of the parties involved in the perpetration of the offence.
      • Once completed, we compile our investigative findings in a forensics report, with supporting evidence to facilitate prosecution.


      Forensic investigations require a unique set of technical skills and also the specialised capability to:

      • Elicit facts from numerous witnesses in a fair, impartial, lawful and accurate manner.

      • Report the examination results accurately and completely.

      • Deal effectively with people on any level.

      • Investigate a broader field of information than is immediately apparent.

      • We have established a dynamic and multi-skilled forensic team composed of members with specialised skills and qualifications. Our team ensures that our forensic investigations deliver auditing, accounting, investigative, IT, legislative and preventative outcomes. 

      Our forensic aids include the use of specialised services such as: 

      • Polygraph examinations
      • Layered voice analysis examinations
      • Crime Scene and Forensics 

        Offsite & Onsite Surveillance Services

        Our surveillance service is tailored to the client, focusing not only on crime, but also on operational integrity. 

        • In simple terms, we assess how our (24/7 on-site) security or surveillance officers could add meaningful value. A number of ways in which we add value are:
        • Patrols (whether physical or virtual) are not done purely as a routine exercise, but personnel are asked to proactively find operational mistakes and evaluate and report the risks involved.
        • Personnel check whether lights are on or off, doors or windows are open, entrances are obstructed etc. These findings are reported or communicated to relevant stakeholders
        • Procedures – Continuous monitoring of operational procedures to ensure that workers comply to expectations.
        • Unforeseen risks – we identify risks and potential hazards and provide the client with quality reports with recommendations towards mitigation.
        • Improvement focus – our feedback to the client is delivered with the aim to improve behaviours or conditions that may negatively impact operations. We may provide the client with a photo and incident report of an employee smoking at a danger zone, or a contractor breaking rules. The aim is to use the report to develop and improve the state or standard of the person/client involved. Stakeholders are sensitised to this approach and embrace the merits, leading to an increase in effectiveness/productivity.

        The following services are included:

        • CCTV surveillance and audits
        • Offsite monitoring and operating
        • Virtual patrols on site
        • Establishment and maintenance of records pertaining to the operations on site
        • Daily Activity Reports
        • Immediate notification of Abnormalities/ Noncompliance activities/ Incidents
        • Monthly Management Information Report 

        CCTV Surveillance and audits

        • 24-hour surveillance of all CCTV cameras on site
        • Extracting footage with regards to any incident, investigation or training, saved on hard drive
        • In case of any incident, we act as per the standard procedures as provided by the client, or suggest alternative remedies
        • Thorough recordings of all observations
        • Reviews and feedback to be provided to designated members

        Establishment and maintenance of records database: 

        • Day, week and month reports to be presented to the client as agreed
        • All info to be recorded on the electronic occurrence book (EOB)
        • EOB to be populated and integrated with all systems on site
        • Risk Register and Risk Management of all activities
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