SYNCRO DYNAMICS (Pty) Ltd is a PSIRA-registered, South African security company that provides Integrated Risk and Security Solutions to the private and public sectors. We offer a broad range of specialist security services to diverse clients across the African continent.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is an active partner in safeguarding people, infrastructure, assets and the reputation of clients in various industries, including mining, government, municipal, real estate and wildlife management. We address our clients’ specific needs with innovative ideas, highly skilled and dedicated personnel, cutting edge technology and tested procedures. We constantly identify and grow synergies within the brief for the benefit of our clients.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is committed to the highest quality service within the security environment. Our executive is directly involved and engaged in all of our operations, ensuring a high level of quality and client satisfaction. We are client-focussed and consultative, with vast operational experience.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is a BBEEE Level 2 service provider. We are headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa with command centres in Limpopo and North West Provinces. We also provide consulting and other security services to clients across Sub-Saharan Africa.

We Respond to Present Realities

Regrettably, recently released official crime statistics show a dramatic acceleration in crime trends across the country, and across various sectors. Mines, residential estates, warehouses, office parks and retailers all have an increased need for effective security. We provide considered and reliable solutions, while being acutely sensitive of contemporary budgetary constraints. We offer value for money – without compromise – in our mission to protect people, property and infrastructure.


SYNCRO DYNAMICS employs a fused model of security protection, combining different but complimentary protection layers or barriers (whether natural, human, animal, mechanical, energy, technological and psychological) to deter, delay, deny, detect, defend and ultimately defeat unauthorised access or harm to persons, property, information and reputation.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS ameliorates threats or perceived threats with effective skills and tools, within budget and legal parameters. Our operational approach is based on best practices in special operations and intelligence gathering, and is highly effective. We adapt our techniques to meet the priorities of residential estates, wildlife estates, retail, warehouses, mines and other clients.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS has a proven track record of discipline and competency, and our personnel are carefully selected, screened and vetted before placement. Throughout the deployment, we constantly monitor personnel to ensure the integrity of our offering. We also take great care to ensure that training, licensing and other protocols are firmly established. We deliver comprehensive security measures from access control to crowd control, with a firm focus on risk reduction.


SYNCRO DYNAMICS was founded in 2011 as Quemic Dynamics and grew into Syncro Dynamics in 2016, offering a broader spectrum of security related services.

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is based in Centurion, South Africa, with local command centres in South Africa, West Africa and East Africa.

Our philosophy is that each client is entitled to receive a level of service that exceeds their expectations, regardless of the complexity – or simplicity – of the task in hand. We achieve this ideal through the optimum use and management of all available resources. Our management expertise sets us apart from other contenders.


Compliance & Accreditations

SYNCRO DYNAMICS is fully compliant with all national and industry specific legal and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to the following:
Private Security Industry Regulating Authority (PSIRA)
South African Police Services (SAPS)
Professional Firearms Trainers Council (PFTC)
International Firearm Training Academy (ITA)



Our vision is to create an operational environment that transcends client expectations and secures client operations for continued growth and prosperity.





Our mission is to become the foremost strategic security business developer, risk consultant and sector disruptor in South Africa and abroad. We always aspire to offer affordable, scalable and comprehensive solutions to our clients for maximal risk reduction.


“ Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. “

-Jonathan Swift

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