Intelligence Gathering & Intelligence Operations – The screening of company personnel, before they are employed, is imperative. The company can apply their policy on the outcome of the screening – This also forms part of the intelligence picture.

By improving transparency and disclosure, informed decisions can be made regarding one of the most important assets of an organization, its employees. Recent surveys have revealed an increase CV/Resume fraud.

Employers or their agents need to protect themselves against financial loss and expensive legal action incurred through employing people with questionable integrity, credibility and skills.

We have to our disposal user-friendly software solution and analysis service specifically developed for corporate business intelligence requirements and serves as a single secure intelligence portal for your organisation.

Intelligence Gathering & Intelligence Operations

Analysis of Intelligence Gathering and Monitoring
In addition, our service allows us to qualify and map clients unique risk profile information requirements that will be included in the collection process. This information will then be verified, disseminated, transposed into intelligence and distributed along with other information based on your subscription profile.

Real Time Analysis
Syncro Dynamics will use its proprietary methods of intelligence analysis to proactively identity situations and trends that could have a negative impact on business operations. Such analyses will assess the context and implications of such events and will provide a forecast of how these situations may evolve in the near term.

History reports
The software we are using enables us to filter for and compile a history report on risks or events over a specified period for a specified category or industry.

Map / Geographical Analysis
The software provides integration to Google Maps which are used to generate intelligence maps that enable us to visualise the risk and impact areas – where available the plotting of business sites and locations will be loaded to provide a strategic overview.

Not only does the system act as a risk informer / communicator and task system, it also acts as a database were all risk data will be chronologically and safely stored and easily accessible.

The software has profiling and due diligence database functionalities. These functions enable us to safely store thematic information as well as information on organisations and individuals in a structured easy accessible way.

Intelligence in action:

intelligence gathering

Agent network

intelligence gathering

Handlers, Sources and Informants

intelligence gathering

Public and Covert Sources

intelligence gathering


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